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Want a skin for your roomba or other robot vacuum but none of our designs seem right? Use your own image with our easy custom upload form. Just find a photo, drag and drop or select “upload” and then crop to size. Please include your email address when checking out in case we need to contact you about the design.

Keep in mind most robots are different and our decals need to work around dips and buttons. We will do our best to arrange your decal in a way that is the most attractive and displays the most and best of your image. For more difficult robots, leaving extra space around your image is helpful. We will contact you with a proof for your approval if we run into any issues.

NOTICE: be aware that if you are purchasing for a roomba 600 series there are TONS of different 600 options. We have split the options into 601, 680, 692 and then a “600 series” option to cover the rest as those are the main styles. That being said, leaving your exact 600 series number in the notes will help us ensure you get the right decal.

Need help? Email us at and we can create a custom decal for you.

Additional information

Weight 4.0 oz

Bissell Smartclean, Botvac D3, Botvac D4, Botvac D5, Botvac D6, Deebot 501, Deebot 601, Deebot 661, Deebot 710, Deebot 900, Deebot M88, Deebot n79s, Deebot n79w, Deebot Ozmo 920, Deebot Ozmo 930, Deebot Ozmo T8, Eufy 11c, Eufy 11c Pet, Eufy 25c, Eufy 30/11s, Eufy 30c/30c Max, Eufy G30, Roborock S4, Roborock S5, Roborock S5 Max, Roborock S6, Roborock S7, Roborock S7 Max, Roomba 600 Series, Roomba 601, Roomba 676/692/694, Roomba 680, Roomba 690, Roomba 700 Series, Roomba 800 Series, Roomba 890/891/895, Roomba 900, Roomba e5/e6, Roomba i1, Roomba i3/i4, Roomba i7/i7+, Roomba J7, Roomba S9+, Shark 2502ae, Shark EZRV910S, Shark Ion R87, Shark IQ RV1001, Shark IQ RV1002, Shark RV 2001, Shark RV 750, Shark RV2002, Xiaomi Mi, Xiawa E20


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