Frilly Apron Skin for all Floor Cleaning Robots



An adorable way to decorate your floor cleaning robot. Our popular vinyl decals for your roomba have been featured on sites like Zulily and Pinterest. Our high quality printed vinyl is water resistant and last for years. A great way to customize your friendly household robot! Want one for a different appliance or just the design on its own? Let us know!

NOTICE: For the more complicated decals (ones with the large circular buttons or several separate pieces) we suggest separating the decals and installing them piece by piece. This is an easier method, especially for inexperienced installers. We do our best to cover as much of the robot as possible without making it impossible to install. Message us for any customizations you may need.

ALSO be aware that if you are purchasing for a roomba 600 series there are TONS of different 600 options. We have split the options into 601, 680, 692 and then a “600 series” option to cover the rest as those are the main styles. That being said, leaving your exact 600 series number in the notes will help us ensure you get the right decal.

Our decals are high quality and wont fade or peel off easily. We provide instructions to help you install your decal with your order. Want a new decal later down the line? No Problem! Our vinyl can be removed much later without causing damage to the surface! Feel free to contact us with any of your questions, custom orders, or just to say hi ;). We add new robots as they are released or when they’re requested. Contact us to be the first to receive a new or previously unlisted robot!

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Weight 5.0089 oz

Deebot n79s, Deebot n79w, Deebot n97s, Deebot Ozmo T8, Dreametech L10 Pro, Eufy 25c, Eufy 30/11s, Eufy 30c/30c Max, Eufy G30, Eufy L35/LR30, Eufy X8/X8 Pro, Eufy X9/X9 Pro, Other/Not Listed, Roborock Q Revo, Roborock Q5, Roborock Q5 Pro, Roborock Q6/Q6+, Roborock Q7/Q7 Max, Roborock Q8, Roborock Q8 Max/Max+, Roborock S4, Roborock S4 Max, Roborock S5, Roborock S5 Max, Roborock S6, Roborock S6 Pure, Roborock S7, Roborock S7 Max, Roborock S8, Roborock S8 Pro Ultra, Roomba 600 Series, Roomba 601, Roomba 676/692/694, Roomba 680, Roomba 690, Roomba 700 Series, Roomba 800 Series, Roomba 890/891/895, Roomba 900, Roomba e5/e6, Roomba i1/i2/i3/i4/i5, Roomba i7/i7+, Roomba j6/j7/j8, Roomba J7+ Combo, Roomba j9, Roomba j9+ Combo, Roomba S9+, Shark 2400 WD, Shark 2502ae, Shark EZ RV910S, Shark EZRV910S, Shark Ion R87, Shark IQ RV1001, Shark Matrix 2310ae, Shark Matrix Plus, Shark RV 2001, Shark RV2002, Shark RV2310AE, Shark RV750, Shark RV765

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